Monday, May 26, 2014

My secrets to flaw free makeup!!!!

 Hey there LadyBugz!!!

  This will be my first blog! I hope your as excited as me ...this is my personal journey to my makeup dynasty! I'm so happy your here with me to share it! Lets make this journey one to remember! so lets grab our makeup brushes, clean and moisturize these faces and lets see what happens!

   So I get asked this question daily..."Robyn your makeup looks perfect! How do you do it?!?! Sadly the answer is too long for a lunchtime stroll to the nearest deli, but here I can begin to answer the question in detail!!

 Skin Care

  So many makeup wearers neglect their canvasses. I know I did! However one very important key to flaw free makeup is the treatment of our skin! That's right skin care is so important when it comes to creating flaw free makeup looks. A proper skin care routine will eliminate most of the reasons some makeup wearers walk around sporting cake batter face! 

 Lets wash away the day!
  I cannot stress the importance of a good anti-breakout cleanser. This will first and foremost cleanse our faces from the days debris. There are so many pollutants in the air we live, work and play in. What better way to wind down than washing your face. I know I feel like I'm finally complete with my day once I've washed my face. How about you?

Get rid of that dead skin!  
  Exfoliating is a great way to rid skin of dead skin cells. It will also help to promote a sun kissed glow. Who wouldn't want that!  So Exfoliate and watch the magic happen! I use a long handled natural bristle brush. This keeps my skin looking healthy and smooth! Just remember out with the old in with the new!

Potions Potions Potions!
  Serums are important for many reasons, however the most important reason is the vitamins and minerals it enriches our skin with! The soul purpose of a serum can be limitless however a good serum is lightweight and fast absorbing. My personal favorite is pure Aloe Vera extract.

Lock in the magic!
  Moisturizing your face at night before you fall asleep with a night cream will promote a healthy glow and depending on the moisturizer much more! This should not leave a thick layer on your skin! Girl if your skin feels clogged listen to it! Depending on your skin you may breakout if you apply to much! You want just a dollop so your skin can absorb the benefits!

The final sweep!
  Don't go reaching for those brushes without taking a facial wipe and wiping it over your face! We all sweat at night rather we know it or not. This step will purify our canvasses, again. I use one with Collagen and Aloe Vera!

Lets get PAINTED almost! 
  After we've cleared our face from last nights sweat fest, we want to finally apply a light day cream. This will help our finished look stay looking fresh and natural!

Primed and ready to go! 
  This is a secret most makeup artist don't want you to know.  Apply a primer before foundation! Primers serve as a smoothing agent. Do you want to look pore-less? Apply a silicone based primer. This will fill in and cover skins natural imperfections leaving behind a perfect canvas ready for the application of foundation. Also primers help with the longevity of your makeup look trapping in natural oils. My fave is photo finish by smashbox!


  Now your on your way to achieving a truly flawless look! This may seem like alot to do to achieve something near perfection, however remember if we want flaw free make up we must make the time achieve it!

  So Ladybugz I really hope you found this useful and that you enjoyed my first blog. I want to hear back from YOU... the readers! Thats what makes it all worth it. So please comment, like and add me to your world!

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